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College Courses Completed During High School

Transfer credit guidelines for college coursework completed prior to high school graduation

To be eligible for transfer credit, a course must meet our policies and must be a bona fide college course for duly matriculated college students, taught by university faculty, and taken on a university campus (online coursework is not accepted). It must not be part of the student's high school program, nor fulfill any requirements for the high school diploma. Due to Northwestern’s policy of allowing credit to count towards one credential, courses completed through dual enrollment programs or programs where students may graduate with two credentials simultaneously due to credit sharing, are not eligible to transfer. Each course will be evaluated individually and, if approved for articulation, awarded the appropriate unit value for the assigned NU course.

Please note that Northwestern is aware that other universities may use the term dual enrollment to refer to students who are enrolled at two institutions simultaneously. Northwestern refers to this as concurrent enrollment and we do not prohibit this. If any questions or concerns about our terminology arise, please feel free to contact as they may be able to answer any questions about our policy.

*Students pursuing coursework in Winter, Spring, and Summer 2020 may take remote instruction courses given the public health situation. For all other terms, including Fall 2020, we will not be accepting online or hybrid coursework. To be eligible for transfer credit, a remote instruction course must also meet our policies and the criteria listed in the above paragraph.

Please note that Northwestern will not award credit for any course work completed during a deferral period.

Incoming first-year student who take college-level courses after high school graduation but before attending Northwestern, please submit your official transcripts to the Office of the Registrar at to our mailing address or to

Courses completed prior to high school graduation: