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Notary Public Services

 The Office of the Registrar provides free notary services to Northwestern students and alumni for official documents produced or distributed by the Office of the Registrar (i.e. diplomas, transcripts, verifications). Please detail the notary service request when filling out the specific document request form or transcript request.

 As a courtesy, the Office of the Registrar can also provide free notary services to members of the Northwestern community for other documents, as long as we have a notary available to fulfill the request. Please make a Notary Appointment Request for non-Registrar’s Office documents by emailing:

 Please Note: Requesters wishing to have documents notarized must present national or state identification (e.g. a valid passport or driver's license). Please be aware that notaries commissioned in Illinois may not certify copies. This must be done by the institutions that originally issued the documents. Documents must be in English. Due to legal requirements that have taken effect in Illinois, we cannot notarize documents associated with real property or transfers of property. 

If we are unable to fulfill your request, the McCormick Customer Service Center (for their own faculty, staff, and students) also provides notary services.