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Enrollment Verification

Read below to find out more about degree and/or enrollment verification and certification.

Degree and/or enrollment verifications

Steps for current students

Enrollment verifications can be obtained in a number of ways:

Steps for former students

Complete the Enrollment Verification Request form and email (fastest), mail, or fax to the Office of the Registrar.

Please Note: Please do not email this form if you are including confidential information such as Social Security Number. Email is not secure.


We make every effort to process Enrollment Verification requests within two working days of receipt. During peak times of the academic year or in cases of older records or complicated requests, the processing time may increase. Requests for enrollment verification of future terms cannot be processed until the student is registered for the term. Requests are processed in the order received.

Steps for employers and professional organizations

Certification forms

A student may request that certification forms (or other comparable forms) be submitted to graduate schools (or other higher education institutions), employers, accrediting/licensing bodies, or governmental agencies when applying for admission, employment or professional accreditation or licensure.

The Office(s) of the Dean and the University's Division of Student Affairs will respond to this request by:

  1. Consulting with one another as necessary and sharing with one another the contents of a student's education records, including but not limited to any disciplinary or academic integrity/dishonesty records.

  2. Disclosing on such certification forms any sanctions of suspension or exclusion from the University imposed pursuant including:

    • Applicable academic integrity/dishonesty procedures,
    • Sanctions of removal from and/or relocation within University housing,
    • Probation, suspension and exclusion imposed pursuant to the University's disciplinary procedures.