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Supplemental Enrollment Benefit Appeal

Per the Undergraduate Catalog, students who are unable to complete bachelor’s degree requirements in 12 quarters of enrollment due to circumstances beyond their control, and who have paid full-time tuition to Northwestern for 12 quarters, may appeal to enroll in their final quarter at no additional tuition charge. Transfer students who have paid full-time tuition to Northwestern for 9 quarters are also eligible.

The Supplemental Enrollment Benefit is not available for students who choose a program that may take more than 12 quarters to complete, such as a dual degree program, or for students who have graduated. A final quarter at no charge is also not available for students whose pursuit of an optional program, such as study abroad, a double major, a minor, or extra coursework beyond that normally required for the degree, is the cause of the additional term(s) of enrollment.

Appeals are considered by the Undergraduate Enrollment Committee, which consists of the associate provost for University enrollment, the associate provost for undergraduate education, the University registrar, and two associate or assistant deans from different undergraduate schools. The deans serve three-year terms on a rotating basis.  The Committee convenes on a regular basis to review appeals.

Students should consult their academic adviser(s) to discuss whether their situation is appropriate for this benefit or an appeal to Undergraduate Financial Aid. Students can submit appeals as early as when they petition to graduate, or as late as just before the quarter in which they will graduate.

Submitting the appeal: