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School Contacts

Many academic processes at Northwestern require approval from someone in the school or program in which you are enrolled.  Find out who you should contact to have your request reviewed below.
School Contacts
School & Population Contact Website
Bienen (Undergraduate) Office of Student Affairs Office of Student Affairs
Bienen (Master's & DMA) Office of Admission, Financial Aid & Graduate Services Office of Admission, Financial Aid & Graduate Services
Communication (Undergraduate) Student Resource Center Student Resource Center
Communication (Professional Master's) Program staff Program staff
Education & Social Policy (Undergraduate) Student Affairs Office Student Affairs Office
Education & Social Policy (Master's) Program directors Program directors
Kellogg (master's) Kellogg Academic Experience Kellogg Academic Experience
McCormick (Undergraduate) Office of Undergraduate Engineering Office of Undergraduate Engineering
McCormick (Professional Master's) Program directors Program directors
Medill (Undergraduate & Master's) Office of Student Life Office of Student Life
The Graduate School (doctoral, master's, MFA) Academic Student Services Academic Student Services
WCAS (Undergraduate) Office of Undergraduate Studies Office of Undergraduate Studies