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New Undergraduate Student Information

Transfer and Test Credit

What can I expect to happen with my transfer credit?
If you are a transfer student who has submitted eligible transfer credit to our office, or to the Office of Undergraduate Admission, our staff will review each course individually within three weeks of your acceptance.
If you are an incoming freshman student, we will begin reviewing your transfer credit in August.

What can I expect to happen with my AP credit?
Test results are submitted to the University through College Board. If you have not yet submitted your test results, do so as soon as possible. Eligible credit will be added to your student record electronically.

What is a unit?
A unit is the equivalent of 4 credit hours under the quarter system.

Course Registration

How many classes should I take?
Undergraduate students who take between 3-4 units are considered full-time students. Always consult the degree progress report and your adviser to make sure you are on track to graduate on time.

When do I register?
Newly admitted transfer students will receive information regarding registration from their schools. They will plan and register for their first quarter with an adviser.
Newly admitted first-year students will have a chance to add courses to their shopping cart in CAESAR. Courses should be added to students' shopping carts by September 10, so that advisers have a chance to review them. First-year students will then register with their peer group during Wildcat Welcome.

See this tipsheet

How are students assigned registration appointment times?
Two factors are considered when assigning registration times each quarter: the total number of credits you’ve earned at Northwestern or have transferred into the University, and the last two digits of your student ID number.

How do I know which classes to register for?
In addition to meeting with your adviser regularly, check your degree progress report every term, (McCormick students use the McCormick Advising System). These are helpful tools that allow you to see which classes fulfill different degree requirements.

How much time should I leave between classes?
There is a 10 minute passing period built-in between classes. Pay attention to the location of each class by using the Campus Maps, and plan your schedule accordingly.

How can I add a closed class to my schedule?
Closed classes have met their student capacity. Sometimes a department or instructor will make an exception for a student. For further registration information for Chemistry, Math, Spanish, and International Student holds click here.

Degree Progress

What can I do to make sure I’m on track?
Your adviser(s) are your most valuable resources in discussing your progress towards your degree. You will get a chance to meet with your adviser during Wildcat Welcome.


What is a CTEC?
CTEC stands for Course and Teacher Evaluations. The results of previous terms’ Course and Teacher Evaluations are available to every new student in their first term. Students may use these as one of several factors in determining which courses they will take.

What is my role with CTECs?
At the end of each term, students are asked to complete a CTEC for each course they have completed. There is a two-week window, during which you will receive communication from our office asking you to complete your CTECs. If you do not submit a CTEC for each course you have completed each term, you will not have access to CTEC results in the following term.

Keep in mind, CTECs are available to members across Northwestern, so be sure to always uphold our shared community principles and values. CTECs are not only used by students, but also by the University for Faculty review.


Student records are protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Northwestern will not share any protected student information with third parties, and this includes family members. If you would like to share any of the following information contained in your student record with parents or others, you may set up guest access to your student account via CAESAR:

FERPA Protected Information
Grades To Do Items
Financial Aid Phone Numbers
View/Pay Tuition Bill Addresses
Make Deposit for Tuition/Housing Emergency Information
1098-T Tax Information