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Help With Closed Classes


1) Some sections are currently capped because some spots have to be saved for incoming students in the fall. The extra spots will open up on Thursday, September 19th. 

2) If a student needs the course to fulfill the WCAS foreign language requirement, s/he shouldn’t worry about getting in to a section. We've been able to accommodate all students in the past. Please also be aware that the 11am and 12pm classes are less likely to have openings than a 9am class or 3pm class.

3) contact list:
Spanish 101 Coordinator: Raquel Amorese (
Spanish 115 Coordinator: Heather Colburn (
Spanish 121 Coordinator: María Jesus Barros García (
Spanish 125 Coordinator: Asha Nagaraj (
Spanish 127 Instructor: María Teresa Villanueva (
Spanish 199 Coordinator: Elena Lanza (
Spanish 201 Coordinator: Reyes Moran (
Spanish 203 Coordinator: Elisa Baena (
Spanish 204 Coordinator: Denise Bouras  (
Spanish Online Placement Exam Coordinator: Shannon Millikin (
Director: Chyi Chung (

Additional guidelines are found on the Spanish and Portuguese site.


The Math Department will gradually increase enrollment caps for many of its courses throughout the day Thursday.  They request that you periodically check CAESAR for changes in availability.  For inquiries or to request a permission number for a closed class, contact the department directly via e-mail at


For registration problems related to the Chemistry Placement Exam, closed class inquiries, and other issues, e-mail:

ASIAN LC Language Classes

If you encounter pre-req issues, contact

COMM_ST 102-0 (Public Speaking)

Seats are reserved for communication majors. Seats for other programs will open later in the day after 3pm

International Holds

Call: 847-491-5613
Or contact your advisor directly:

Last names beginning with:
A-B: Taya Carothers                         
C-J:  Stephanie Cisneros                 
K-N:  Emlyn Torres                          
O-W: Angelica Garcia-Fisher           
X-Z:  Debbie Kaltman