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Help With Closed Classes

Partial List of Closed Classed (Check CAESAR for real time info)



Please email with any questions.



If a class is closed, please see for information on submitting a waitlist.  Note that in some cases, seats are initially reserved for declared majors.



1) Some sections are currently capped because some spots have to be saved for incoming students in the fall. The extra spots will open up on Friday, September 16th. 

2) Traditionally we have been able to accommodate in our sections all students who need to fulfill the WCAS language requirement . However, please be aware that sections offered at 9am or at 3pm are more likely to have spots available than at other times.

3) For issues and sections set to "Department Consent," please contact:

For questions about Spanish 127 students should get in touch directly with the professor.


The Math Department requests that you periodically check CAESAR for changes in availability.  For inquiries or to request a permission number for a closed class, contact the department directly via e-mail at


If you need to request enrollment in a closed section, please submit a request through the following forms:

For placement questions or any issues registering for a chemistry class, please email

ASIAN LC Language Classes

If you encounter pre-req issues, contact

COMM_ST 102-0 (Public Speaking)

Seats are reserved for communication majors. Seats for other programs will open later in the day after 3pm

DSGN 106-1/ENGLISH 106-1 (Design/Thinking/Communication)

See the McCormick undergraduate registration site for questions about DTC enrollment.

GEN_ENG 205-1 (Engineering Analysis I)

Students requesting placement in a closed section of EA 1 should fill out the EA 1 form found here.

COMP_SCI 111-0 (Fund Comp Prog)

If you encouter issues, contact Melissa Duong,

PRDV 101-1 (McCormick First Year Exp)

Students who encounter issues enrolling in PRDV 101 should submit the PRDV 101 form found here.


For classes that are closed and have a waitlist, please join the waitlist. The Department will email you if we are able to add you off the waitlist. Please email any questions or concerns to


For RELIGION 172 Introduction to Religion, Media, and Culture, contact Professor Sarah Taylor at

* If you are not able to enroll in the Fall 2022, RELIGION 172 is also offered in the Spring 2023. Please complete this form if you are interested.

For RELIGION 210 Introduction to Buddhism, contact Professor Sarah Jacoby at

For RELIGION 230 Introduction to Judaism, contact Professor Barry Wimpfheimer at

For general registration issues email

This course will be reserved for RTVF majors only until all majors have had an opportunity to register; any available seats will be released after 3:30pm on Friday. It would be great if this information could be added to the Closed Classes list.

RTVF 220 Analyzing Media Texts

This course will be reserved for RTVF majors only until all majors have had an opportunity to register; any available seats will be released after 3:30pm on Friday. 

International Holds

Call: 847-491-5613
Or contact your advisor directly:

Last names beginning with:

International Adviser Contacts


Student Last Name  

Taya  Carothers

A B K  

Stephanie  Cisneros

C D E F G H I J   

Ryan  Radebaugh

La-Lis, W X Y Z  

Angelica  Garcia-Fisher

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