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Time Conflict

If you would like to take two courses with slightly overlapping meeting times, you must complete the following steps to be registered for classes with time conflicts on CAESAR:

  1. Download the Time Conflict Permission Form and fill in student information and class details.
  2. Instructors of both conflicting courses must approve the time conflict exception
    Send filled-out Time Conflict Permission form to each instructor by email. The instructors can complete their portion of the form or respond to you from their Northwestern email address. Your name and the course name should be referenced in the email.
  3. Closed class
    If the class has closed, you will also need to obtain a permission number or the instructor’s permission to enroll in addition to the time conflict form.
  4. Submit form to the Registrar's Office
    The completed form, along with instructor signatures or email responses may be sent to  Please wait until you have all approvals before sending the form.

If a time conflict exists due to an incorrect class time on CAESAR: