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Online Change of Grade Process


The process

  1. The Instructor/Grading Proxy opens the grade roster in CAESAR for the desired class and term.
  2. The Instructor clicks on the “request grade change” arrow corresponding to the student for which s/he wishes to request a change of grade. The system pre-fills the necessary information about the class and the student.
  3. The Instructor must choose a “reason” for the request (see list below), and s/he’ll also be able to add a free-text “comment”.
    • Completed course work
    • Completed final paper & final exam
    • Grade Appeal
    • Incorrectly posted grade
    • Miscalculation
    • Missed Deadline
  4. The Instructor will submit the request which will cause workflow to send the request to the appropriate dean/designate. The dean is sent an email informing her/him that a grade change request is in her/his work list and is awaiting approval. The student is emailed that the dean has been sent the grade change approval request.
    • If the student is in the UGRD career, the request will be sent to the dean of the school offering the class.
    • If the student is a graduate student, the request is sent to the dean relevant to the student’s career.
  5. The dean will view the request from her/his work list. S/he can approve or deny, and make a “comment” if desired.
    • If approved, the grade will immediately be changed on the student’s official record.
    • Whether the dean approves or denies, an email will be sent to the instructor and the student informing them of the dean’s decision.