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Graduation Preparation

All undergraduate students are expected to submit a Petition to Graduate to the Office of the Registrar approximately one calendar year prior to their expected graduation. Completing your Petition well in advance of the quarter when you plan to graduate is important for several reasons: it provides an opportunity to make sure that you haven’t overlooked or misunderstood any graduation requirements—and that you understand how your courses fit department, college, and university rules. It is also a good opportunity to talk with your academic advisors and think about how you’d like to spend your final year as an undergraduate student. 

Before petitioning to graduate, please review your Degree Progress Report in CAESAR and/or your Degree Audit in MAS to ensure that your courses are counting where you expect them to in your degree requirements.

Prepare to graduate

Important deadlines

Students must submit their graduation petition form to the Office of the Registrar by the following deadlines:

Please note that beginning school year 2021-2022, there will be a deadline by which students must start their online petition to graduate, and a date by which any petition for a given quarter which has not been submitted will be automatically pushed to the Office of the Registrar for review and processing.

2022-23 graduation petition deadlines

2022-23 Deadlines Graduation Quarter

Start  deadline: June 1, 2022

Push date : July 1, 2022

Fall quarter 2022

Start deadline: October 8, 2022

Push date : November 8, 2022

Winter quarter 2023

Start deadline: December 10, 2022

Push date : January 15, 2023

Spring quarter 2023

Start deadline: March 1, 2023

Push date : April 1, 2023

Summer quarter 2023


2023-24 graduation petition deadlines


Fall quarter 2023 - 

Start  deadline: June 1, 2023

Push date : July 1, 2023

Winter quarter 2024

Start deadline: October 8, 2023

Push date : November 8, 2023

Spring 2024

Start deadline: December 10, 2023

Push date : January 10, 2024

Summer 2024

Start deadline: March 1, 2024

Push date : April 1, 2024



All incomplete grades, including "K” grades, must be resolved before a student’s graduation. No grade changes are accepted after graduation.

Last day to confer degrees by term

Fall 2022 - Friday, January 6, 2023
Winter 2023 - Friday, April 7, 2023
Spring 2023 - Friday, June 30, 2023
Summer 2023 - Friday, September 15, 2023