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Non-Registrar Scheduled Rooms

Facility Office Contact Phone
Alice Millar Chapel and Vail Chapel Chaplain's Office Jenae Gurley 1-7256
Allen Center (Kellogg)

Kellogg Allen Center Scheduling and Planning Team


Annie May Swift (Auditorium) Radio/Television/Film


Cahn Auditorium Norris University Center - Satellite Venues

Jason Harber

Chicago General Purpose Classrooms School of Professional Studies Sachin Patel 3-2399
Computer Labs Office of the Registrar Registration & Scheduling 7-5916
Deering Meadow
Residence Halls: (Contact Hall Government) In-House by Residence Hall Staff
Fisk Hall : Not Fisk 114 or Fisk Auditorium (Fisk 217) Medill Administration Karren Thompson 1-5439
Fisk Hall General Purpose Classrooms (114) & Fisk Auditorium (Fisk 217) Registrar's Office Registration & Scheduling


Ford ITW Room 1350 MEAS Jason Grocholski 1-5550
Frances Searle: Evenings, Weekends & Non-GP Classrooms CMN Administration Oksana Shylnov 1-8641
General Purpose Classrooms: Regular Academic Year (Sept. 1-Commencement) Office of the Registrar Registration & Scheduling


General Purpose Classrooms: Summer Session (Commencement-August 31) School of Professional Studies Sachin Patel 3-2399
Guild Lounge in Scott Hall Office of Special Events Evangeline Johnson 1-4279
Gymnasiums Athletics Scott Arey 1-7887
Hardin Hall in Rebecca Crown Center Office of the President Madeline Oklesen 1-8400
Harris 108/Leopold Lounge (no students) History Eric West 1-2844
Hogan Hall BMBCB Office Chris Crooks 1-5061
John Evans Alumni Center Alumni Relations

Kellogg Global Hub

Kellogg Global Hub Scheduling and Planning Team

Lakefront Events Planning 1-2330
Law School Classrooms (CH) - Law Faculty/Staff Law Registrar
Library: Faculty Lounge Library Administration Emily Kelley 1-7628
Library: Forum Room, Video Theatre, Lib 3746 Mitchell Multimedia Center 1-7770
Library Seminar Rooms: (Evenings and Weekends)