CTEC Instructions

Note: As of Summer Quarter 2008 quarter CTEC evaluations for courses are submitted and viewed through CAESAR.

CTEC Instructions

You have the opportunity to register your opinions of Northwestern University courses. It is important that you take the time to submit your evaluations. Your thoughtful and objective comments can provide useful feedback to your instructors and are a valuable resource to students making registration decisions in the future.

Students who have entered all of their evaluations for the quarter will have access to the published results of all evaluated classes, which can assist in your selection of future classes and instructors.

How do I evaluate?

How do I access the evaluations?

When can I evaluate the course?

What will be asked in the evaluation?
You will be asked to complete some demographic data, which will be returned to the instructors only in composite form.

You will then be asked to give numerical ratings for the following basic questions:
  1. Provide an overall rating of the instruction.
  2. Provide an overall rating of the course.
  3. Estimate how much you learned in the course.
  4. Rate the effectiveness of the course in challenging you intellectually.
  5. Rate the effectiveness of the instructor(s) in stimulating your interest in the subject
  6. Estimate the average number of hours per week you spent on this course outside of class and lab time.
There may also be individualized questions requiring numerical ratings that may be entered by schools or departments. Instructors also have the opportunity to enter three course-specific questions.

You will be asked to give essay answers to the following questions:
  1. What are the primary teaching strengths of the instructor(s)?
  2. What are the primary weaknesses, if any, of the instructor? Can you offer suggestions for improvement?
  3. Did the course help you learn? Why or why not?
  4. What are the primary strengths and weaknesses of the teaching assistant?
  5. Summarize your comments from the above questions giving your reaction to this course, focusing on the aspects that were most important to you. (This comment, and only this comment, may be published online).