Final Exam Schedule Principles

Final Exam Policies

Students must arrange their class schedule to avoid conflicts, and must not register for classes that result in two examinations at the same time. Additionally, students should not register for courses that result in three examinations on one day. Anyone registering for such a program will be expected to take the examinations as scheduled.

Examinations will be held in the room where the lecture section of the class regularly meets unless otherwise announced. If the class meets in different rooms at different times, the room used by the earliest class meeting in the week determines the exam room.

Evening courses (courses meeting at 5 PM and after) have examinations on the first regularly scheduled meeting time during final exam week in the regularly scheduled room, unless otherwise announced.

The instructor will arrange final examinations for day courses not included in the schedule before the end of the second week of class.

No extensions of the lunch hour can be made in the residence halls. Students should arrange for lunch.

Some courses hold examinations out of their normal sequence. These are most often combined exams for several sections of the same course. The instructors will announce room assignments for these examinations. Check the quarterly exam schedule for combined exams in the current term.

Final Exam Schedule

To determine date and time of examination, the hour and days of the class lecture should be used. Exceptions:

The M.W.F. category includes the following sequences:

M. M.T.W.TH.F. M.T.F. M.W.F. M.F. W.S. M.T. M.T.W.F. M.W. M.W.F.S. W. F. M.T.W. M.T.TH. M.W.TH. M.TH. W.TH. M.T.W.TH. M.T.TH.F. M.W.TH.F. M.TH.F. W.F.

The T.TH. category includes the following sequences:

T. T.W.TH. T.W.F. T.TH.F. T.F. TH.F. T.W. T.W.TH.F. T.TH. T.TH.S. TH.