Understanding Your Registration Appointment Time

How are appointments assigned?

Undergraduate appointment times are assigned based on:

The number of credits you earned at Northwestern and transferred from other universities. Test credit is not included in this calculation.


The term you were admitted to Northwestern University, which determines your year in school (freshman, sophomore, junior or senior). If your year in school is more advanced than your credits earned would merit according to the groups below, you will be given the more beneficial appointment time.

Pre-registration and registration appointments will be divided into four groups as follows:
•    Students in their senior year or with 33 completed units will register in the first group
•    Students in their junior year or with 22 to 32.99 completed units will register in the second group
•    Students in their sophomore year or with 11 to 21.99 completed units will register in the third group
•    Students in their freshman year or with less than 11 completed units will register in the fourth group

FOR FALL: First-time freshmen register on the same day during new student week. Transfer students will be advised by their respective schools prior to registration. Transfer units are calculated toward your registration appointment beginning with winter quarter registration.

See below for a description of how student ID’s are assigned to registration groups.

* What if I’m graduating in the next year?

If you have completed fewer than 33 units but expect to graduate in the next four quarters(term for which you are enrolling plus three terms), and you have submitted a petition to graduate by the petition deadline you will register in the first group. This allowance was made so that students prepared to graduate early have the opportunity to enroll in classes needed to fulfill remaining requirements.

How Are Student IDs rotated within the Registration Groups?

Within the groups appointment times are assigned by the last two digits of the student ID and rotated systematically throughout each academic year based generally on the following principles:

  1. There are 100 combinations of the last two digits of student ID numbers, 00 through 99.
  2. These 100 combinations are divided into thirds, designated below as A, B, and C.
  3. The groups of student ID’s within each third are rotated over four years of quarterly registrations.
  4. The student ID’s are rotated within each third quarterly.
  Group 4 Group 3 Group 2 Group 1
Fall Win Spr Fall Win Spr Fall Win Spr Fall Win Spr
Upper PA A B C B A B A C A C B
Middle B C A C B C B A B A C
Lower C A B A C A C B C B A