Withdrawal from the University

Withdrawal Policy

Withdrawal is when a student wishes to leave the university after registering for classes in any quarter.

Make sure you have read and understand the university's policy with regard to withdrawal. This can be found in the Undergraduate Catalog, in the Undergraduate Education section. Financial obligations and deadlines can be found in the front section of the class schedule.

If you receive financial aid, have student loans, or live in university housing it is your responsibility to contact the associated offices on campus to inform them of your change in status.

Withdrawal Steps

  1. Obtain a withdrawal form from either the Office of the Registrar or your school (i.e., WCAS, SESP, etc.) and complete the form. Be sure to include a complete address and the school from which you are withdrawing
  2. Sign the completed form and have the dean of your school sign the form as well. The completed and signed form should be delivered either in person or by campus mail to the Office of the Registrar
  3. Once the completed form has been submitted to the Office of the Registrar, the withdrawal will be processed. Copies of the form will be forwarded to Student Accounts and your school. Student Accounts considers the date on the completed form the "Effective Date" when making financial adjustments. Tuition deposits are not refundable under any circumstances. Refund related questions should be directed to Student Accounts.

Withdrawals in the Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters with an "Effective Date" through the end of the 6th week of classes will result in an entry on the transcript documenting the withdrawal date. Withdrawals with an "Effective Date" after the end of the 6th week will result in the withdrawn courses, with grades of "W", being listed on the transcript along with the withdrawal date.

Questions about this process? Please contact... Who Does What in the Office of the Registrar.