Edit Emergency Information in CAESAR

CAESAR's Emergency Information section allows you to manage your emergency notification phone number, your current/local address and your emergency contacts. You can add, edit and delete this information within Caesar.

Emergency Notification Phone Number:

A phone number where you can be reached in the event of a campus emergency – most likely your cell phone number.  Should the need arise, the University will send recorded voice and text messages to this number.

Current / Local Address:

Where we can find you in the event of an emergency.  If you live in campus housing this will be updated for you.

Emergency contact:

Someone who can make medical decisions on your behalf.

Missing Person Contact (optional):

Someone we should contact if you are missing.

Access to the Emergency Information page

Step 1: Navigate to CAESAR and Sign In using your NetID and Password. Your CAESAR homepage appears.

Step 2: To access the Emergency Information page, click on the Profile tile and select the Emergency Contacts link on the left-hand menu of your student homepage.

In order to prevent or remove an Emergency Info hold, you will need to add, update, or confirm an emergency notification phone number, your current address, and at least one emergency contact. If you already have the hold, it will be removed immediately once you have completed these steps and you will be able to register for classes. You will be asked to do this once a year.

Step by step instructions are available which explain how you can update your Emergency Information and/or remove an Emergency Information Hold.