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Incoming First-Year Students

Transfer credit guidelines for incoming first-year students

To be eligible for transfer credit, a course must meet our policies and must be a bona fide college course for duly matriculated college students, taught by university faculty, and taken on a university campus. It must not be part of the student's high school program, nor fulfill any requirements for the high school diploma. In addition, courses completed through dual enrollment programs are not eligible for transfer credits. Each course is evaluated individually and, if approved for articulation, awarded the appropriate unit value for the assigned NU course.

Incoming first-year student who take college-level courses after high school graduation but before attending Northwestern, please submit your official transcripts to the Office of the Registrar at to our mailing address or to

Courses completed prior to high school graduation:

Incoming first-years students with foreign national exams

Foreign national exams must be reviewed by Educational Credential Evaluators (ECE).  The resulting report will assist Northwestern in determine the extent to which University credit can be given based on exam content and results.