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Request to change a Winter 2020 Quality Grade to P/N

Undergraduates will be given the option to change their winter term grade from a quality assessment (a letter grade) to Pass/Fail. That retroactive change can be pursued in the spring quarter and with the consultation of the academic adviser. Students will have until May 29 to submit the request through an online form.
Consult the appropriate website to verify the policy, and discuss with an adviser as necessary.
Submit the Add/Drop/PN form:
  1. Request Winter 2020 for the term. The requested action will default to PN.
  2. Complete your information, and the course information. The “Class Nbr” is the 5-digit numeric value that is associated with the CAESAR listing, e.g. 12345; the “Catalog Number” is the 3-digit, dash, 1-digit value, e.g 212-0.
  3. In the “Reason for Request” text box describe where you expect this class, after the grade change, to apply to your degree requirements (unless the request is to change an F grade to N). For example, a WCAS student might say “CLASSICS 212-0 should apply to one of my Historical Studies distribution requirements.”
    • If the course is not pre-approved to meet requirements and you are separately seeking adviser approval for a substitution, indicate so in the text box and the degree auditor will await direction from your adviser.
  4. If you wish to request this grade change for more than one class, click the “Add class” link at the top right side of the Class Information box.
  5. Submit.
  6. The form will be sent to the Office of the Registrar to change your grade(s).
  7. The form will be sent to your degree auditor in the Office of the Registrar or Undergraduate Engineering for McCormick programs to review your request to be sure it adheres to the policy decisions the school offering your degree, major, minor or certificate, depending on your request.
  8. Assuming it adheres to policy, your CAESAR degree progress report or MAS will be updated accordingly. Please note this may take several days.
  9. If your request doesn’t adhere to policy, you will receive an email message to that effect and referring you to an adviser. **Grades cannot be changed back to the original quality grade at this point. As stated above, a change to P or N is permanent.

School Policies:
• Bienen School of Music:
• McCormick:
• Medill:
• School of Communication: 
If you have questions, please e-mail: