General Purpose Classroom Features

The following room characteristics and features are available to select when building your schedule through CLSS.

Remember that selecting multiple features mean that a room must be available that meet all of the feature requirements and at minimum the room request capacity. This can severely limit the number of classes available when scheduling.

For images and more information of each class space, please see the Classroom Catalog or the Registrar's Classroom Directory.

Feature/Characteristic General Purpose Rooms with Feature Notes
A&RT: AV Equipment* List  
A&RT: Blu-Ray DVD Player* List  
A&RT: DVD Player* List  
A&RT: Document Camera* List  
A&RT: Microphone Equipment* List  
A&RT: Projection Screen* List  
A&RT: Projector* List  
A&RT: VHS/PAL Player* List  
A&RT: Video Conference Equip* List More information about Video Conferencing here.
A&RT: Wireless Presentation* List  
ADA Compliant List

Faculty/Staff must request accommodationsthrough the Office of Equal Opportunity and Access.

Students should request accommodations through AccessibleNU.

Active Learning Environment List Active Learning Environments provide cooperative learning spaces that encourage student collaboration and peer teaching. Their technology allows students to present their work for review by peers and instructors. The furniture is designed to facilitate small-group work and the ability for instructors to interactively coach students during activities. Photos and more information.
Board Type: Chalk List  
Board Type: White/Dry Erase List  
Campus: Central+ List  
Campus: Chicago+ List  
Campus: North+ List  
Campus: South+ List  
Computer Lab List Tech MG51 and University Library B182 are the only rooms available for general purpose use.
Demo: Chemistry Equipment List  
Demo: Physics Equipment List  
KSM: Smart Classroom AV Equip N/A Only available for Kellogg
KSM: Standard AV Equipment N/A Only available for Kellogg
Map Hooks List  
Room Request N/A Please fill out the room request form to use this feature.
SRS (Clickers) List  
Seating: Fixed Tab Arm Desks List  
Seating: Fixed Tables & Chairs List  
Seating: Movable TabArm Desks List  
Seating: Movable Tables&Chair List  
Seating: Seminar Style List  
Smart: Laptop Hook-Up List  
Smart: Resident Computer List  
Student Power Outlets List Rooms where 100% of the seats have access to outlets.
Transparency Projector w/cart List  

* - A&RT features are supported by NUIT's Academic and Research Technology.

+ - The scheduling optimizer knows which building each subject code prefers. A list of subject code preferences can be found here. If you add additional restrictions to part of campus, it limits the number of rooms the section can be scheduled in.