Searching for Courses

Before you register, you may want to plan your ideal schedule and a list of alternatives classes. It's helpful to have the 5-digit class numbers of the selected classes ready when your registration appointment time begins. Class offerings and class numbers are found in both the schedule pdf and on CAESAR.

Step 1

Step 2

Select your additional desired search criteria in the fields provided (several are described in the text box). Narrow your search by setting criteria in multiple fields. You must select at least two criteria such as Course Subject, Catalog Number, Description (course title), or Course Career in order to perform a search.

Search criteria options:

Step 3

Once your search criteria are set, press the Search button. A list of matching courses will be returned in the Class Search Results page. Note: The more restrictive your search, the faster this list will appear.

Step 4

If searching before your registration appointment, note the 5-digit Class
Number (Class Nbr) and meeting times of classes that you want to enroll in on a "Course Planning Sheet (pdf) or save the classes to your shopping cart.