Adding Yourself to a Class Waitlist

The CAESAR waitlist feature is available for select classes in departments and schools throughout the University. Students may add up to two classes to their waiting list.

Step 1
Click on the "Enroll" link from the Student Center. The Add Classes-Select Classes to Add page appears.

Step 2
Enter a 5-digit class number in the "Class Nbr" field provided and press the "Enter" button (or press the "Search" button to access the Add Classes-Enter Search Criteria page to search and select a course).

Note: When searching for classes, if you uncheck the "show open classes only" checkbox the search returns classes that have an Open, Closed or Wait List status.

Step 3
Select related class section(s) if necessary, if not, proceed to the next step. If the class has no related sections or if you've just selected a related section, the Add Classes-Select Classes to Add-Enrollment Preferences page appears. Note: You must register for discussion or lab sections with the lecture. You cannot register for labs and discussion sections independently.

Step 4
Determine whether the class offers anonline waitlist. If the yellow triangle appears next to the section you wish to add the department has chosen to use the CAESAR waitlist.

Step 5
Click on the "Wait list if class is full" checkbox to be placed on a waitlist if the course is full and maintains an online waitlist. Select any additional enrollment preferences. To proceed to the next step, press the "Next" button.

Step 6
You have now successfully added this class to your shopping cart! You have been returned to the Add Classes-Selet Classes to Add page, which now displays the contents of your shopping cart.

Step 7
Repeat the steps above to add additional classes to your Shopping Cart or press the "Proceed to Step 2 of 3" button to move to the confirmation stage of the enrollment process.

Step 8
The Add Classes-Confirm Classes page displays the clases you've selected from your shopping cart to add at this time. Confirm your selection and click the "Finish Enrolling" button.

Step 9
When your transactions have been processed, the Add Classes-View Results page appears.

Step 10
Press "Add Another Class" button to add another class or press the "My Class Schedule" button to view and print a copy of your class schedule. Confirm that your schedule is correct, press the "Printer Friendly Page" link in the lower right hand corner and then print a copy if you wish. Alternately, you can navigate from the Menu by selecting "For Students > Enrollment > View My Class Schedule".

Once a department selects you to enroll in the class they will email you a permission number with instructions to move from the waitlist onto the fully enrolled class list.